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Penalties for breaches of the Police Act

For all footways not swept before nine o'clock in the morning, and the dirt removed beyond the channel of the street, every day in the week except Sunday, 1s. 1d
For rolling or drawing any cask, wheel barrow, or other thing, carrying water, or setting down water cans, fruit baskets, herring baskets, or causing any annoyance or encroachment whatever, on any footway, 5s. first, 10s. second and 20s the third and every other offence
For throwing ashes, rubbish, dirt, dung, etc., in any street or lane 10s
For shaking or dusting carpets or floor cloths in any street or lane between the hours of 8 o'clock in the morning and 10 at night 2s. 8½ d
For breaking up any pavement for the purpose of making or repairing sewers, etc., without license first had, and for not having the same railed in, 40s.; and for every day the same shall remain unnecessarily open, 20s.
For building or repairing houses, without licence had. and keeping the same railed in, 10s.
For breaking, training, or showing horses in any of the streets 5s. and not exceeding 20s.
For carrying away any manure or dung off any street £1. 2s. 9d.
Licensed carmen not having wheels three inches broad, and their names lettered on their cars are fineable, and forfeit licence
Carmen not having their horses by the head, sitting on their cars, or driving furiously, horses or carts left standing in the streets, or feeding, etc., etc., are all liable to be fined.
Swine found in any street, may be seized, or killed, and sent to the Poor House.