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A question to Rushlight and it's readers

This question is quite sincere. I was wondering how Gerry McGeough could be tried and convicted on charges
relating to an event 30 years ago. ( I DO know WHY he was tried ). I thought there was an immunity implicit in the provisions of the so-called GFA for all (Republican or Loyalist) for actions carried out prior to the agreement. Forgive my ignorance, but at this distance the convoluted legalities of the GFA are even harder to follow than for you there. Thanks in advance for any information. Slan.

Re: A question to Rushlight and it's readers

Who understands the Good friday Agreement really?, the goal posts are forever being changed, even the UUP are demanding it be re-negotiated now. but I feel the Suzanne Breen article protrays the deceit of it all...

'Sinn Féin said if I shut up I wouldn't be shut up'

(Suzanne Breen, Belfast Telegraph)

Gerry McGeough has claimed that Sinn Féin held secret talks with Gerry McGeough in which it pledged to use its influence to prevent his imprisonment if he stopped criticising the party.

Speaking minutes before his conviction for attempted murder, McGeough said Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty made the offer last autumn during a visit to his home:

"Sinn Féin promised to use its influence to stop me being jailed if I stopped publicly attacking the party. But I believe I will be convicted and imprisoned as Sinn Féin are bit players with no influence."

McGeough thanked former PUP chairman and UVF prisoner William 'Plum' Smith who gave evidence at his trial about a secret deal to pardon on-the-runs: "I admire what he did. We were combatants on different sides during the war. But the war is over."

McGeough was arrested in 2007 at the Fermanagh and South Tyrone Assembly election count. He had stood as an independent, anti-PSNI candidate.

His co-accused, Vincent McAnespie, whose wife Brenda was a Sinn Féin councillor, was yesterday acquitted of all charges. McGeough's supporters claimed that McGeough was being "punished" for his opposition to the political status quo.

Legal sources said the evidence against McGeough was substantially stronger than that against McAnespie.

McGeough said he supported the peace process but claimed the Good Friday and St Andrew's Agreements were "a bad deal for nationalists and must be renegotiated".

He claimed his prosecution was politically motivated: "Either the Troubles are over, and a line should be drawn in the sand, or they aren't. If they aren't, let everybody be brought before the courts.

"Why is Martin McGuinness not on trial for past IRA membership which he has admitted? Why have the Bloody Sunday soldiers who killed civilians not been charged?"

McGeough said he wasn't "a dissident" but when asked if he had any remorse for his role as an IRA member, he said: "None whatsoever. It's every person's patriotic duty to fight for their country.

"I've no apologies to make. It's as a badge of honour to be jailed by the British." McGeough's 1998 novel Defenders, set in Co Tyrone, was used as evidence against him. Mr Justice Stephens said it contained a six-page account of a shooting of a British soldier which bore "remarkable similarities" to that of Sammy Brush.

February 20, 2011

Re: A question to Rushlight and it's readers

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Re: A question to Rushlight and it's readers

I think perhaps Michelle Gildernew answered that when she said ..., " the prosecution “should not have happened” because the offence took place before the Belfast Agreement and added: “It is clear that an anomaly has arisen around some of these historical cases, a fact acknowledged by the British government some time ago along with a commitment to rectify the situation.
“Gerry McGeough should be released and allowed to return to his family in County Tyrone.”
and she is SINN FEIN !.

Re: A question to Rushlight and it's readers

Thanks Eilenn and Smicker. Well, good for Gildernew, then. I hate hearing the term "offence" however. Well, I suppose the thing is if people are ever to get beyond this ALL these events just have to be let go of. I would dearly love to see hundreds of Loyalist murderers prosecuted, but the truth is is just can't do that if you are trying to move on. The Loyalist thugs always chose soft targets. The IRA had the ballocks to strike at the foe. I certainly wish all the best for Gerry. He is a man I would have many disagreements with regarding some of his very conservative ideals, but that is his right. I would like to meet him and shake the hand of a brave man who has always stood up for everything he believes in!

Re: A question to Rushlight and it's readers

Well McGeough is undoubtly a more genuine and sincere republican than Adams and Sinn Fein and to me that is what counts. To zoom in on his religious beliefs is being selective and has no bearing on why he is being singed out for prosecution, he is in jail because he sees the Good Friday Agreement for the farce it is , not because he is a devout Catholic.

Re: A question to Rushlight and it's readers

I agree 100%, Amy. Meant nothing against Gerry. His personal beliefs are his own, and more power to him. I merely meant that even though we would have some disagreements, I still respect the man for his dedication to Republicanism. Unfortunately for Gerry I think you would agree that his being a vocally devout Catholic makes him an even more attractive target for the six county statelet, which as we all know is still Sectarian, despite what they say publicly.