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Hiya Joe

I watched the BBC show last night "Those Were The Days" and I was surprised to see none other than your good self pop up on the screen to talk about Old Smithfield. They must have recognised your expertise because they allowed you several wee clips in which to enlighten us about the old place.

I have to say though Joe, having purchased a copy of your own DVD on the subject of Old Smithfield, I found it to be far more informative and enjoyable than the BBC show. Yours had much more footage as well as so many other fascinating insights on other aspects of old Belfast such as the mills, etc. I also enjoyed the wee films that were on the disc as well.

I would encourage any of your readers with an interest in old Belfast to do themselves a favour and buy a copy. I spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon reliving many old memories; you won't be disappointed.

Many thanks


Re: Smithfield

Watched you on the show Joe, you made it,

Re: Smithfield

Belfast lost a big part of its heart when old Smothfoeld went.

Re: Smithfield

I got my first pet out of smithfield, i was over the moon as me and my ma got the leash and other pet keeping bits and bobs from yer man, i forget his name but you know who im mean. There was I aged 9 dragging my very own goldfish up the falls as proud as punch!

Re: Smithfield

Can somebody please please tell me where or how I can buy a copy of this DVD? I have emailed but no reply. Thanks!

Re: Smithfield

Email me at rushlight123@hotmail Eleanor or ring 90626631.