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The Killing Fields Of Templepatrick

The Ballymartin Massacres related in a new book By Joe Graham

The Killing Fields Of Templepatrick

By Joe Graham
Over the years I have written a number of publications and special little themed booklets such as this. Whilst the Rushlight Magazine has been the focus of my attention in sharing events from yesteryear; light hearted yarns, ghoulish tales, and stories from history that I felt would be interesting to the reader, occasionally I have unearthed a series of events from history which I've felt deserved a complete booklet to be dedicated to them. The Killing Fields of Templepatrick is a tale that deserves to be told. The truth of history deserves to be made known.

The events included in this publication were so poignant and compelling to me, it was as though they begged to be told, as though the voices of those involved were crying from the earth. Standing on the spot where the massacre had occurred, was a defining moment in my decision to write this story.

My heart allowed me to see the events of that night unfold before me. The screams of the women and children became audible to me; the sight of the flames and destruction became visible and I knew that this story had to be told.

Those of you who know my work know that my preferred style in which to impart knowledge of historical events is to tell a story and I would like to share a most solemn and deplorable tale here. This is a story of massacre and destruction. It is a true story set close to Templepatrick in the area of Ballymartin, likely a little known area to most people not from that vicinity.

The story itself is one which those who have lived their entire lives in the area are unaware of, yet the spot where the main events took place is bypassed by thousands on a daily basis; completely oblivious to the history of the surrounding countryside. This work has not been compiled for any reason other than my own passion for sharing historical truth.

To see the *******isation of history frustrates me. This is a story of the massacre of a small, defenceless community whose existence has been deliberately omitted from history. It is one that should resonate loudly as it urges us that we should never forget, this is my attempt to ensure they are never forgotten

Re: The Killing Fields Of Templepatrick

Hi Joe

I got my copy of this fascinating wee booklet last week.

The tale is one of many such sad events in this small islands long forgotten history. How you knew that such tragic events took place there is a testament to your encyclopedic historical mind. Thank you for sharing that with us.

I know many have had much good to say about your website here on your forum and while my own praise echoes those voices, may I also pay homage to your lifetime's quest of bringing forth true gems of print such as this booklet.

By the way, I only realised Joe that this year is the 40th anniversary of the Rushlight Magazine. Many congratulations!

Re: The Killing Fields Of Templepatrick

It is indeed a harrowing story John Joe, and conveniently brushed under the carpet for centuries .
Thank you for your remarks about website and yes 40 years now Rushlight has been going .

Re: The Killing Fields Of Templepatrick

Congratulations Joe, 40 years is a long time , keep her lit.