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Aston street new lodge

I was born in 1978 in the royal hospital my da was from turf lodge born in the nissen huts on the shore road then housed up there.My ma from ardoyne but born in legoneil. I was born in aston street in the new lodge in a squat/liberated house because there was no houses in ardoyne at the time and the provisinals housed us down there till "something opened up in ardoyne" .Ive got to thinking me and my ma call ourselves ardonians my da a westie but yet none of us come from any distict so to speak.Are we the real people of no property?

Re: Aston street new lodge

Ashton street my mistake think the Ashton centre is built there now.My da used to drink in the starry plough funny enough im now married to a relitive of the the fella who run it not the owner..