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poems,prayers and promises

thank you for your kind remarks Nell and in return this one is dedicated to you.

There's a neat, tranquil little town
St. Mary's is its name.

With rolling hills dotted wit baying sheep abound,
And rivers filled with trout, all help to give it fame.

there lived a pretty Irish lassie, her name was Nell,
Who turned many a head while fetching water from the well.

While twilight falls on this pretty town,
A sadness fills the air,
Nell has left, her friends are feeling down.
The rose has gone ,her laughter and smile no longer there.

Re: poems,prayers and promises

That is so touching. It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks, Rusty.

Re: poems,prayers and promises

I seem to have a reputation for making women cry. My missus is always telling me "you wanna make me cry". I could never figure that out, so the other night I was having a drink with my buddy and I happen to put it to him. I ask him "why do you suppose my missus keep telling me I wanna make her cry" and he replies. "I don't know rusty but the next time your shaving the answer might come to you". ???
I'm glad you liked it Nell. Have a nice week everyone.