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Does anyone have a joke about computers? They annoy me so much that I need a chuckle. Mine decided my password wasn't secure enough. I had to start with a capital letter. I resent that this decision was taken from me. It's a bit frightening to think how dependent we are on these machines. The good ol' days weren't so bad.

Re: computers

Well there you go Nell, Its like the "Les mis". march we did on stage, two small steps forward and one big step back. I have trouble myself with Skype some contacts I can get and some I can't. I guess I'll take a holiday from it all and go visit the old homestead for a couple of weeks. Maybe I'll do the Halloween march back home. The more progress we make with all these gadgets the more we seem to lose our social skills. Its a wonder we don't all have square heads by now. The kids don't know how to have fun anymore, too busy on their "play stations". The sad thing is all these electronics things in their ears is slowly doing them harm, not to mention their eyes. So it begs the question, are we really progressing or going back? I'll be in touch,stay safe