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pet peeves

Topics are a little slow so here's a little contest I'd like to throw at you all. My greatest pet peeve and it drives me crazy is this, and it has happened to me lots of times and always at peak shopping times. Just last week I was in a store that catered mostly to car parts. I needed a car part really bad while my car was on a hoist elsewhere with my mechanic. There's several people in front of me. The phone rings and a whole slurry of questions go back and forth on the phone with the store clerk needing to know make of car and model and size of engine and other details apparently from a customer who knew little about their car. This went on for about 15 mins. easy. I pointed out to the store clerk that we were here before the phone rang. He apologized but continued on trying to get imfo. Frustration at its height. Is there anyone else experienced similar situations and what's your pet peeves.

Re: pet peeves

My pet peeve is computers. They seem like a miracle then turn into a necessary evil. Just when you think you have everything set up as you like it, they update the system or you get hacked and have to change your password. And then there is always the fear that it will die and you loose everything. The next one is the mobile phone. The connections are very seldom clear, they are expensive and you are never completely on your own. I guess this is a sign of my age; I am not comfortable with the newest devices. But I must admit, I do enjoy this site and reading everyone's comments and memories.