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topic on topics

If one wishes to post they should declare in the topic section what their post is all about. the above format is clear for everyone to see. sneaking in another link is not the way to do things whether its good, bad or indifferent. It reminds me of the story of a mother taking her wee son to church and during the sermon the wee boy pulled at his Mothers coat stating he wants to pee. Mom said "don't use that word in church say whisper next time". next week the dad took him to church and again the wee boy pulled at his dad's coat saying "daddy I want to whisper" and Dad replied "well whisper in my ear". the moral of the story is, say exactly what it is you want to do/post before posting.
Keep up the good work Joe

Re: topic on topics

lol very good Rusty I think someone should "whisper" in that poster's ear

Re: topic on topics

Right on Joe, I can hear him saying "I think I've got water in my ear. I can hear something swishing