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Chichester Street named after serial Murderer

Could you imagine Hitler Street or Adolph Square In Tel Aviv

We are so proud of Arthur Chichester here in Belfast we have even named a couple of streets after him, for example, there is Arthur Street, Arthur Square, Chichester Street, Donegall Square, Donegall Pass, Donegall Road , Donegall Avenue, Donegall Park Avenue, not forgetting that we even named places after his house, Castle Court, Castle Street, Castle Junction, Castle Place, etc. He saved us from Popery, burned our Chapels, persecuted the Irish people, confiscated all the lush lands and kindly gave it to poor immigrants from England and Scotland, a very benevolent man “I burned all along the Lough,(Neagh) within four miles of Dungannon and killed one hundred people, sparing none of what quality, age or sex soever, besides many burned to death; we kill man, woman and child; horse, beast and whatsoever we find” Chichester had but one plan and that was, “ploughing and breaking up the barbarous Irish nation then sowing the soil with seeds of civility”. Of course in the new ‘tolerant’ Belfast all those street and place names will be changed.. just in case any one should be offended, but if I were you I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for those who “represent our best interests” at the City Hall to do anything about it.. Hitler killed 1000 Belfast people in one night in 1941 ....no, no, I am not suggesting that !