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In Loving memory

Tribute to the late Volunteer , Dolours Price

A republican I am and always shall be
to my dying day,i shall never bend the knee
Suffered i have at the hands of the british
but, not on my own, my sister was with us
force-fed , with excruiting pain
would we give in, no, not in vain.

We all had our principals , at that time I mean
but how time has changed, soon , we might be free
to be returned to my homeland
,my dream of my own little isle of innisfree
But I did not realise, why the British were so mean.

In that dreary place, no sleep could we have, never a dream
never a true dream , did we have
Nightmares hunted us, awake and asleep
but we never succumed to being their sheep

well, home at last, but still in bondage, and still in deep pain
but we are with our comrades now, we got our way
but how things have changed now, were is the ira
who put upon our comrades, such a terrible stain
To sit with the enemy, its so distain.

We are free now, from prison i mean
Its time to leave you my ex comrades, to my own Isle of Innisfree.

Re: In Loving memory

I totally agree Mackers , Dolours and Marian were two of Ireland's bravest heroines , R.I.P Dolours.