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Innocent victims

Never done this before, anyway my beef is how Nationalists and Republican dead during the troubles have been shunted into the wilderness by the incessant rants from Loyalist politicians / Orange Order about innocent victims family's and their feelings, hurt being recognised and respected etc. etc..
No bother with that, fair enough, if those who make such statements are unwavering in their condemnation of all innocent victims relatives "hurt" being recognised and respected , trouble is those loyalists that have been at the forefront for purely sectarian reasons and many would have difficulty describing Catholic, Nationalists or Republicans as victims let alone innocent victims.
I remember one sole protester {Dinah Henry}being allowed by the RUC to sit in her wheelchair outside Sean Grahams bookmakers on Belfast's Ormeau Road, as another Orange Order parade was bulldozed through the tiny area by the RUC this was a few weeks after the UDA attack in February 1992 which left 5 dead and wounded 9 totally innocent Catholics. Two of Dinah's brothers were shot in the attack one dead and one was fighting for his life as the sectarian march went past the spot where Dinah alone sat outside.
I cite this as one of the most shocking cases of sectarian coat trailing and total disrespect to the grief of the innocent victims family's I have ever seen unfold. For which the Orange Order nor any Unionist / loyalist politician has ever apologised,which is scandalous.
Members of the Orange Order men and women singing and shouting 5-0 and bands and supporters shouting UFF as they pass the bookmakers.
John Gregg the UDA brigadier who probably master minded the attack was allowed to beat the Lambeg drum on the way past the bookmakers as part of the Cloughfern Young Conquerors which he was a member.
I have pasted the link in youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FJ-u68p9p0

I think that all victims family's grief should be treated respectfully regardless of who or what they are

Re: Innocent victims

most of the 3000 odd people that where murdered during the troubles are innocent victims of a war that no one has the right to say they won, both sides of the religous divide had there fair share of grief,family's torn apart and for what,nothing in the end, we must put all differences aside, and think of our children, and give them the future that we never even dreamed of, not every protestant is a religous bigot, i have roman catholic friends, who i welcome into my home with open arms,if i can change, then we can all change, give our youth of today the future they deserve,no more bombing, no more murders, and no more familys torn apart for the sake of religion, at the end of the day, we all pray to the same god, so why have hatred for each other, i was asked many years ago, why i hated catholic's...to this day i still do not know the answer to that mans question, suppose really its where i was raised, but now i stay in a mixed area, where my own children make there own minds up,i only wish i had that opertunity whilst growing up

Re: Innocent victims

Man Murphy:

Good Post, Sadly nothing has changed.

Ardoyne Loyalist:
I come from a mixed family.

Maybe you could answer two questions please.

Why are the flag protesters out on the streets protesting because They have now got the Legal Right as England/Wales/Scotland to fly the Union Flag on those designated days as laid down by the British House of Lords, do they think they are more British Than those on the Mainland?.

If we are such a so called equal society why are the orange orders still demanding to walk past the ardoyne shops to get to there home lodge.
Do they forget the Holy cross School which was made global world wide, spitting on little children, calling them little fenian tramps, throwing urine at them, and bombs , even injuring their own police force, and a Police dog.

We know the UVF have Broken Their Cease Fire , we know they are behind all the trouble re Flag Protests, we know they are major Drug Dealers , Yet they stand well out of the way videoing everything and putting it on social net works , Everyone knows who they are , were they live , were they meet.

Its imperative for peace and stability that the police move against the gang leaders, I believe they have been followed for over 9 months now, so maybe it wont be long now, also the major drug dealers in the nationalist areas as well.

Yes I agree, everyone has the right to Make a society for there children and grand children to be free to speak to who ever we like Irrespective of colour or creed.

Sadly there are those who will do anything to make sure that doesn't happen.