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Great Grandfather James Mc Aleer

I am looking for any info on Family of James and Elizabeth Mc Aleer who ran a pub in St Peters hill 1901 childrens names where James Edward CHARLES Sarah Lavina Marie Sarah was my Grandmother

Re: Great Grandfather James Mc Aleer

It was Peter's Hill where they had the bar Bernadette ....

McAleer, J., publican 65-67.Peters Hill 1901, just opposite Brown Square R.U.C Barracks . (R.I.C in those days)

Re: Great Grandfather James Mc Aleer

Thank you so much for your quick reply Joe thats very interesting my Grandmother Sarah who was always called my proestant Granny from Belfast married John Duffy who was Catholic and in the RIC WE were always told Sarah family did not have much to do with her after this.They moved to RIC barracks in Brookbourgh and then to Derry were he was then Sergeant in the RUC would love to know more about the Mc Aleers