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Legion of Mary

Does anyone remember going from door to door to deliver Holy water. All the recipients were very happy to receive a bottle, be it an old medicine bottle or a lemonade bottle. Some would offer thruppence or a penny. Of course, it was God's work so we had to refuse. Although I did entertain the thought of how many sweets or candy apples that would buy. If anything, ethics were ingrained in us at a very early age!

Re: Legion of Mary

I remember going to the legion of mary at St Johns church as a young lad. There was always excitement when the secret bag was passed round.

Re: Legion of Mary

I was very young then and can't remember the meetings. Please tell us about the secret bag! And the venues where we would have assembled.

Re: Legion of Mary

There were steps behind St Johns(opposite the city cemetery) and I think we met in the sacristy up the steps. It was a bit of a joke for us youngsterd and when the secret bag was passed round it was a tossup whether we put a coin in or took one out. As far as I remember we said the rosary too.

Re: Legion of Mary

Nice wee thread...those were the good old days, newspapers were delivered by boys and all boys delivered newspapers --I delivered a newspaper, seven days a week. And got up at 6 every morning.

Re: Family History

great information on your site,love it.doing research into my mothers side of the family the oneils of 6 Cyprus st.they stayed in 190 wilton st in the 1920s.the the father was Charles oneill,wife alice,they had 7 of family,mary, alice, catherine, elizibeth, michael, charles and rose.the mother alice died in 1944,daughter Catherine in 1947 and son Charles in 1934 all were buried in milltown cemetery from number 6 Cyprus st.dont know about rest of family.my mother and I visited rose in 1962,dont know the address,all I do remember it was off the falls road,it could have been Cyprus street. can anyone remember the family.