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Megarry Family

Anyone know of the Megarry family from Forster St. My Mom grew up there early 20's. Family lived there til the 90's. The Hammer....The Pad ?

Re: Megarry Family

Forster Street 1918
Foreman Street Upper to Conlon Street
Court Ward, North Par. Div.

1. Stewart, William, labourer
3. Boyle, John, carter
5. Mulholland, Jos., labourer
7. Robinson, Wm., tailor
9. Hill, Saml., labourer
11. Troughton, Wm., carpenter
13. Drummond, Catherine
15. Todd, Mary
17. Montgomery, J., labourer
19. Buchanan, John, soldier
21. Morrison, Mrs.
23. Robinson, Martin, soldier
Forster Street was in the Hammer area.

Re: Megarry Family

In the Belfast Street Directory for 1943 the entry for Forester Street is

Forster Street
from Ariel Street to Conlig Street

1. Horner, James, labourer
3. Crooks, ?
5. Richmond, W. G., cooper
7. Johnston, Alexander
9. McGarry, Andrew, labourer
11. Troughton, Miss
13. Boyd, W., labourer
15. Todd, Minnie
17. Martin, Jack
19. Buchanan, John, labourer
21. Scott, J., labourer
23. Martin, R.
Hemsworth P.E. School

The name McGarry appears at No9 if this of any help to you