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Whitesides Bakery

Anyone recall or have a picture of this bakery?

Re: Whitesides Bakery

hello i have not heard of this bakery but i am looking for info on a bakery to ellen and eileen O'Hara called bath cafe and another next door to clonard theater my grandfather was a master baker andrew O'Hara if i find any thing on my search i will let you know about whitesides bakery what year and location are you for cheers Maureen

Re: Whitesides Bakery

Whiteside's Bakery was on the Crumlin Road opposite the Prison, Bath Café was at 64 Falls Road opposite Falls Baths, below the Clonard Cinema. I have a poor photograph of this café.
There was for many years an extensive Bakery off the Shankill Road called O'Hara's.

Re: Whitesides Bakery

Thank you for this extra information cheers Maureen