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Re: Joe Graham

I just got to postin' a message now, Joe an' I hope it isn't too long fer the Forum. I haven't been able to write a message because o' sicknesses at home here. But I did imagine ye would like me poem . I have lots more that I wrote in all the years here. Maybe , if ye wish I could post a few more. Anyway Joe, I'm so glad that I can write to ye now..... Joe Donnelly, Austria

Me Belfast Friends

In me ould town o' Belfast, I knew a lotta people,

They lived their lives underneath Saint Peter's mighty steeple,

The Falls Road was aquainted, with many a good oul' friend.

An some o' them, remain, in time , me companions till the end.

I used to walk along the Road , when the day was nice an' warm,

An' meet a gal I knew so well an' remembered as a swarm,

But of all the gals I used to know, one sticks long in me mind.

She left me very long ago , to cross the mighty brine.

Then comes to mind the gal I loved, she was me favourite love,

She lived up in Garnet Street, red hair, voice like a dove,

But I knew then that, Patsy Mc, a gem o' Irish breed,

Could never be the wife of a man, born to be , a friend indeed.

An' all the other lassies, that I met upon the way,

I can't remember all their names, the past is o' so grey,

But I can remember Emily, a gal from ol' Sultan Street,

An' from Servia, wee cheeky Mary, again I'd love to meet.

I know it won't be me lot, to live it in me day,

But I'd love to know where they all are, it eats me heart away.

An' ol' pals, Puddins Brady, Paddins Walsh, an' Geordy too,

So long I haven't see them, is the meetin' so taboo?

Maybe upon Judgement Day, together we'll rejoice,

An raise a cheer to Ireland dear, with one tremendious voice,

Then we'll all be together, we'll be happy as in days gone by,

Lordy, Lordy, please save Ireland, will be our solemn cry...

Joe Donnelly... August 2003

Re: Joe Graham

That indeed was truly a nice gesture to Joe and well deserving. It had density, honesty and deep down feelings many an exile has, including myself. It reflected Joe's stamp on "rushlight" . Well done J.D. Spoken from the heart.

Re: Joe Graham

The love and appreciation for your childhood friends and neighbours shines through Joe , beautiful memories, very well written , keep the chin up Joe.