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The Old Belfast Court 1883

Belfast Newsletter 1883


The presiding magistrates in the Custody Court yesterday were -- Thomas Hamilton, Esq., R.M.; W.J. Johnston, Esq., J.P.; Dr. Wilberforce Arnold, J.P.; and Arthur Hamill, Esq., J.P. James Murphy was brought up in custody of Constable Moore with having stolen two cows on the 23rd ult. from a man named James Erwin, of Creevytenant. Mr. Coulter prosecuted, and the prisoner was defended by Mr. Sheals. The accused was arrested while offering the cows for sale to a butcher in town. Mr. Hamilton remanded the prisoner till Wednesday for the purpose of hearing further evidence. Two young men named Joseph Hughes and Thomas Thompson were charged by Sub-Constable John Cleery, Ligoniel, with having been engaged in bullet-throwing in the neighbourhood of Oldpark on Saturday last. Constable Cleery stated that he was on duty at the time in plainclothes, and saw the prisoners committing the offence. The bullet (produced) was nearly striking him. Several complaints had been made against the practice, which was very frequent, and the children in the village of Oldpark could not go into the street without very great risk. He had sprained his wrist in trying to arrest the prisoners. Mr. Hamilton said he would make an example of the prisoners. He would therefore fine them each in 40s and costs, which was the extreme penalty. The constable deserved great credit for the manner in which he had brought the case before the Court. Charles Somerset was charged at the instance of Elijah Price, manager of the Pepper's Ghost entertainment, for having assaulted him on Saturday evening at the Victoria Hall. Mr. Sheals defended the prisoner. It appeared that the accused went into the wrong part of the hall, and when requested to go to the proper place, deliberately struck the complainant on the neck and knocked him down. Mr. Hamilton fined the accused in £5, or one month's imprisonment -- one-third of the fine, if paid, to go to the complainant. -- A. Hamill, Esq., presided in the Summons Court, and disposed of some unimportant business. POLICE INTELLIGENCE.

Re: The Old Belfast Court 1883

They didn't mess about in those days lol