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Knee Fusion

I have had 4 TKR of my left knee begining in Jan '05 with the last procedure on 10-30-07. I have a flexion contracture which is now frozen at 25 degrees extension and it is very painful. My surgeon is suggesting that I have a fusion, which he states will allow me to walk better and there will be much less pain. I was wondering if there is anyone that has expereinced this could me some pointers and if the doctor's statement is accurate. I'm just so skeptical after all the failed replacements.

Re: Knee Fusion

I just read your quote from 2008 and I wonder what you did as I have the same problem of havining three tkr on the same knee and one reconstruction. I also have only 30% flex and am going to have a v-yplasty thompson preform which should give me 90to110 flex if it works right.. would love hear from you.
Larry v getz