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Re: osteoarthritis

Not surprised you can't get answers to your questions. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis at 20 and by 50 had the problems of an 80 year old. In the public health system, replacements are not done until the patient is at least 60 so at 50 had to wait 8 years for my first hip replacement with chronic pain and disability. Now having a replacement per year according to how bad they are, right hip first, then left knee (both done and successful), to be followed by right knee and left hip.

Had to leave work early, tried part time but they didn't like me on a walking stick, "didn't look right". Have gone back to uni to do a degree but rely on a mobility scooter to get around (not allowed to drive) and crutches. How bad can it get? Bad. That's why they won't give you answers. Now my life is often about accessability - how to get on public transport, how to get into restaurants, cafes, shops etc. How to find a disabled toilet, not able to fly in planes to visit my family overseas, having to deal with people who just do not understand "oh, you don't want to call yourself disabled" tut tut.

I often wondered why people in wheelchairs keep their eyes down and don't attempt to communicate - now I know why but I keep my eyes up and keep communicating because I won't give in. I'm in the lucky country of Australia!

Good luck.