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Inter-articular Spiral Fracture

On July 6th, i stepped into a hole while standing next to a creek. The hole went down far enough so that my knees were still out of the top of it but the hole was an angle and i fell and slipped forward. I thought i had just had an ankle sprain. My ankle had swelling and my leg got black up to the calf so i went into the doctor the following day because it was very painful. The doctor had me do various blood tests, and a bone density test but she never had an x-ray taken. I am a runner and wanted to get back to my training for a marathon. I tried at various stages to begin running again, used crutches for the first two weeks then when most of the swelling went down i tried light work outs, my leg stayed discolored for six weeks, and then i tried jogging again, but i always had pain and problems i contacted my doctor several times and she had me try two weeks of motrin, then she had me do ten pages of exercises to strengthen and improve the ankle area and foot. I still couldn't point the toe and i didn't have much mobility in the ankle like my other foot. Finally, after i still had pain and complained i wasn't sleeping well she x-rayed. I was told i have an "inter-articular spiral fracture of the distal fibula with possible some callus. This suggests subacute fracture no dislocation is seen. The ankle mortise is preserved." I guess i am wondering what my chances are to begin running again and if anyone else on your blog has had a similar break.