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Hip Fracture - Possible Malunion

I fractured my hip as a result of a horse accident. I had surgery with the placement of 4 screws. It was a displaced fracture and originally hip replacement was recommended until the union looked good at surgery. I'm 46 years old. This happened in June of this year (2008). I am still in considerable pain, limp when walking, have pain and numbness down my right leg (injured one), clear to my knee, shooting pain at times, difficulty sleeping, sitting, walking, etc. I am not almost 5 months post-op. I have been told I may have a malunion and a femoral osteotomy has been advised. Has anyone had a fracture of this nature, had screws placed, gone through PT, etc.? I am looking for someone to compare similarities as to pain, what to expect, if this is normal, etc. The screws have not moved on last exam, but I'm in considerable pain. Is this normal? Is 5 months too soon to expect to be back to normal? Anyone that is or has gone through this I would love to hear from. My email is kdarosa@citlink.net.