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Christian Chaplains Corps of America

Have you felt God's call to reach out in your community and minister to those who are less fortunate, or who are confined to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, or other public care facilities? Are you one who is already involved, or wants to be involved in ministry as a fire chaplain, law enforcement chaplain, or in some other capacity but wish to have fellowship and learn from others who are involved in these situations also? Are you the Pastor of a church but feel the need to reach out beyond your congregation to ministry in the broader community with the love of Christ? If, so then becoming associated with the Christian Chaplains Corps of America is for you.

The Christian Chaplains Corps of America is a Patriotic Volunteer organization, committed to following the Lord as Disciples of Christ, commissioning Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants who will go out and make new disciples, by baptizing, teaching, preaching and ministering to people in our nation's communities and reaching out and helping to alleviate human suffering wherever there is a need.

Membership in the Corps is open to Clergy and Laity alike. Regardless of ministerial background, if you're interested in community ministry and in helping others in their time of need, the Corps has a place for you to serve. You need only be a patriotic born-again Christian, believe in the Bible as the inspired word of God, committed and ready to pick up your cross and follow Him as His disciple, and have a desire to help others. There is NO MEMBERSHIP FEE required to become a member and NO MEMBERSHIP DUES that have to be paid. The Christian Chaplains Corps website is at and the membership application is found at