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Did Yahshua Create Or Pre-exist His Birth?

Peace greetings (shalom) ALL,

I would like to share by beliefs with you concerning Father Yahweh ["God"] and His son Yahshua ["Jesus"] and who they are. I believe that Scripture teaches that we are to know Father Yahweh and His son Yahshua. I do not believe that Yahshua ["Jesus"] pre-existed his birth and was a creator or a co-creator with his and our Father Yahweh in the beginning, but that he "came in the flesh" or came into existence when he was conceived in his mother Mariam's womb. There are many others who believe as I do. For more in depth information of what it is that we believe concerning this matter in accordance with what we believe is taught in Scripture, please see my web page as follows:

Did Yahshua Create Or Pree-exist His Birth?

Re: Did Yahshua Create Or Pre-exist His Birth?

I started talking to God from the palm of my hand five years and five months ago.Here is what I believe about the origins of Our God. Once God was alone and he decided to create an eternity for agelic being without end. At first he was just kind of talking to himself perhaps. Then he wanted to create beings seperate from Himself. This created a problem, a kind of backlash and evil began to occur. Of course this hurt God very badly. Also, He began to fix things as soon as He could by creating an eternity for His new beings. Once, you are in Eternity of God then you have always existed because God can move forward and backward in time. Therefore God always has been just the way He is now because He made it true for Himself.