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end of days


I Am sending this to you for your consideration. It is a bit different. But I have it
from a reliable source, it is good.

Psalm 119: Time Frame for the End of Days

Michael Barnett

Psalm 119 is more than 176 verses, every one of which mentions the Law of God, using
many different terms. It is a revelation of the unfolding of events during what is known
as the end of days. Indeed, it gives the time frame for these events.

One of the greatest markers of this time frame, has been, seemingly against all odds,
the rebirth of the State of Israel after 1878 years of dispersion. But in our time frame
we do not begin here. Rather, we begin with the First Zionist Congress, 1897-98.

Some years ago God gave me some verses of Scripture for my comfort and encouragement,
Psalm 119:49-50:

"Remember the word to Your servant, in which You have caused me to hope. This is my
comfort in my affliction, that Your word revives me."

The 'word' spoken of here refers to something He gave me in 1988: "Search for the
lost sheep of the house of Israel; gather the scattered seed of Jacob. And bring them
into My House."

There is no need to discuss this word here, only to say it has been the source of much
struggle in my life, so much so that often I would throw up my hands and proclaim I would
consider it no longer. But this always made me sad. And the Lord would 'revive' it once
more within me.

Several years back, when in need, I was reading those verses when I happened to notice
that if the first '1' was dropped, it looked like a date - 1949 - my birth year. So I
thought, if this is an actual date, then the verse before it, 1948, could refer to
Israel. It was then the Lord began to open it up revealing the time frame contained
within 119.

Time and Chance

That 119 has reference to time, other than the chronological listing of events, has to
do with one of the objects God hung in the heavens for the marking of time, namely, the
Moon. And our first clue has to do with the number division of 119 (which of course was
not there in the original, but by God's design 119 came to be). If you drop the first '1'
you have '19'. The Moon has a 19 year cycle to it. Also, if your double the 176 verses
you get the least amount of time required for a lunar year. Further, the 8 verses of each
section are indicative of the 8 watches of the day. Too, there are 7 days in a week. Then
the '8th' day Sunday marks the beginning of a new week.


119 is an acrostic psalm, based on the 22 consonants of the Hebrew Alephbet. Each
section, say Aleph, has 8 verses, each of which begin with a word which begins with an
Aleph. This is true through-out 119.

First Jubilee and the Consonants

In 1897-98 the first Zionist Congress was held in Basel, Swiss. Here I stress the word
'first', for this first refers to the first consonant of the Hebrew Alephbet, Aleph.

Hebrew began as a phonetic language. Each consonant was based on a literal object. But
it also had a symbolic meaning.The Aleph was literally an Ox, while its symbolic meaning
was that of 'first and strength.'

This first letter then, as it applies to the first Zionist Congress, symbolically means,
'the beginning of his strength.' For it was through the ever growing strength of the
Zionists that the Nation Israel came to be in 1948.

Frame And Structure

Through-out 119 the consonants guide us in our journey through time. But how do we get more
'time' out of Aleph other that beginnings? As you are aware, the set of numbers 49-50
has much symbolism in Scripture as regards time. They are used twice to mark when Israel
was to celebrate two of the feasts, Pentecost and Jubilee.

The first 6 letters of 119, Aleph to Vav, lead to the creation of the State of Israel in
1948. If we reckon each section as an 8 year period, then 8 x 6 = 48. And if you begin
with the years in 1897-98, you get 50, a Jubilee. An in 1948 Israel enjoyed it's first
Jubilee in perhaps 1900 years. It had returned!

Second Jubilee

Fine! We have our beginning, and this concludes with the creation of a Jewish State.
Most understand this event was the most significant fulfillment of prophecy in 2000
years. And we understand it heralds the nearness of the end of days and the return of
Christ. But how then do we proceed from here, and what are we to look for? Again, the
consonants guide us.

The next consonant after Vav is Zayin, the 7th. 'Seven' in Scripture refers to
perfection, or completion. And it does certainly complete the first two divisions. And it
also leads to the third and final division; the 8th if you will. But it also is the last of the 8 year