Christian Universalist
Christian Universalist

This Web Ring is for those who are of the "Christian Universalist Faith."

The "Christian Universalist Faith" is very simple, consistent, and beautiful. It regards this world as God's, and the whole human family as His children. It accepts without distrust the fundamental fact of the gospel, that God, out of his great love to mankind, now alienated from him by sin, sent his only begotten Son to seek and to save that which was lost, and by redeeming men from sin, to restore them to their right relations with God, and thus fit them to glorify and enjoy Him forever. This is the doctrine of "Christian Universalism."

"Christian Universalism," in its simple and proper theological sense, is the doctrine of universal salvation, universal reconciliation; or in other words, of the final holiness and happiness of all humans, to be effected by the grace of God, through the ministry of his Son, Jesus Christ.

For more information on the "Christian Universalist Faith," go to the Christian Universalist Library.

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