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This is a forum to discuss issues of interest concerning education, entrepreneurship, African American life, American life, and anything else that might be productive to generate positive energy. All thoughts are welcome, but no sniping or flaming!

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Does your City or Town have a POET LAUREATE? This is a chance to get your students involved in making history! No matter how small your City or Town is, there are local poets who would love to be honored as your POET LAUREATE. These are volunteer positions that visit schools, talking about poetry and reading. The lesson plan calls for students to write to their Town Mayor requesting that a POET LAUREATE volunteer position be created. Ask that a measure be put before the Council for a vote. Town Councils LOVE to pass measures that cost nothing, but make people and students happy. And please send my best wishes to your Town's new POET LAUREATE!


(and visit my website for some fun poetry!)