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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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"Members Only "page on this web site

Hello Shipmates,

Several members have asked me what the " Members Only" page is all about on our web site. As of now there is nothing on that page but it will be used after the first of the year to post VO-67 Association financial reports and other Squadron business that we do not care to be accessed by the general public. I will post on this message board when the page becomes operational. I will send any VO-67 Charter member, Honorary member or Associate member the means to view the page if they e-mail a request to me or Dave Steffy. Pass words are to be kept confidential.
Expect VO-67 Association activity to pick up after the first of the year. Please start thinking about serving on some committees such as the Reunion and Scholarship. Also plan to attend the Reunion in San Diego in 2005. It will be a great one.
One final item. We have a page on the web site called " Call to Duty". I know that several members of our squadron have family members in uniform and have indicated that they would like to post them on our tribute page. Please contact Nevins or Dave , e-mails on the web site, and they can help you get this done. I encourage you to follow through with this. If there is a problem with posting a name , unit or location , we can get around that part. We now have one listed with that criteria. See Call to duty page. Please have a great holiday season.

Bob Reynolds
VO-67 Association President
Crew-5 Roadrunner