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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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VO-67 Norden Bomb Site History


It appears that VO-67 may have been the only squadron to use the World War Two " Norden Bomb site", during the Vietnam War.
VO-67 shipmate , Ralph Womack,brought to my attention a web site,
I e-mailed Taigh Ramey, Web Master, about the bomb site. He met Lt Col. Brown, USAF and learned of our use of the Norden. VO-67 had 13 Bombardiers. Nine of these men are still living.
Mr Ramey would like to add our history to the Norden page of his web site. He is looking for any pictures of the bomb site installed in an OP-2E, stories about its use or anything that is connected to Norden. Does anyone have any manuals or know what happened to the WW-II training film mentioned in our "Wings of Gold " history? If so we would like to have them for the VO-67 Archives.
Who are these famous living Bombardiers who were likely the last to use the Norden in actual combat? They are, LTJG Ganner, LTJG Rerko,LTJG Landwehr, LTJG Paulsen,LTJG Wells,LTJG Hilburn,LTJG Valenty, LTJG Shuman and LTJG Waldsmith. Deceased members are, ENS Wonn (KIA), LTJG Stevens (KIA),LTJG Collins and LT Bolenberg.

Bob Reynolds
VO-67 Association President
Crew-5 Roadrunner

Re: VO-67 Norden Bomb Site History

I was reading you posting and might be able to help some with the Norden Bombsite History. I currently work for Norden Systems who way back then built the bombsite. I'll ask around to see what I can find on it for you and reply if there is something specific you'd like to know. I did see a original instruction manual in a display case but I don't know if there are any actual bombsites available.

AO3 Nick Palko