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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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I was with IBM and my job was to bring IBM'rs and associated contractors thru Bangkok and get them thru to NKP. My first trip, up country, was in Sep 67 so I could relate to the situation and the area. I didn't get back to NKP until Thanksgiving 1967 and was surprised and puzzled by the presence of Navy officers in the O-club [performing carrier landings].

I didn't get back up to NKP until July 68 after we had pretty well completed the full cadre of personnel. The Navy was not present, at least during my visit.

Although I was classified "Top Secret" and was aware of the general mission of Task Force Alpha and monitoring the trail, I was never aware of the Navy's participation and even though I was in contact on a daily basis no one in IBM ever mentioned the casualties of the Navy operation. I simply assumed for years that the trail was being seeded with A-1s or f-4's. It is a credit to the secrecy of the operation that no one, IBMer or contractor that I was associated with ever mentioned this tragic situation.

I only became aware of the Navy's participation after joining the TLC Brotherhood about four years ago. My sincere appreciation to the extreme contribution that your unit gave to the effort on the trail.

I would most sincerely like to participate in your organization and attend your reunions if my participation at NKP is enough credential to participate.

Re: 67/68

Cal, were you at NADC Johnsville, PaX River or Panama in 66/67 in projects POTLID OR TRIM, the workups for VO 67 AND VAH 21. if so we crossed paths.