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use of the Norden Bombsight in Igloo White

I am looking for information about the use of the Norden Bombsight in Vietnam to implant listening devices from the Neptune AC. I am preparing a documentary about the Norden and apparently this was its last combat use. Can anyone fill me in on fact and fiction about this?



Re: use of the Norden Bombsight in Igloo White

Hi Bob,

It is a fact that VO-67 did use the Norden Bomb site during the Vietnam War and we were the only unit to do so. Of the 13 original VO-67 Bombardiers only 9 are living and only 8 have an e-mail address. I will send your web guestbook request directly to them as our shipmates only check the web site every so often. Perhaps I can speed things up. I understand that you would like permission to use some of the VO-67 material, pictures of aircraft ect., in your information gathering. That is OK to do. We are looking for anything in reguards to the Norden site including the actual Norden site to place in our Squadron Archives.

Bob Reynolds
Crew-5 Roadrunner
VO-67 Association President

Re: Re: use of the Norden Bombsight photos

I'm finishing a biographical book on Lord Corp., the mfg of "Lord-mounts" used on many aircraft engines in WWII and later. One of our (I'm a retired Employee Communications Mgr from Lord) engineers designed the mounting system for the Norden and demoed it to a NOP in Indianapolis. I have a few paragraphs about this gent and illustrating them with an actual rights cleared photo would be great. Can you guys help? Thanks in advance, Bob Hagle
(I'm also an ex-307th and 98th MBW who serviced the MA-6a bomb-nav systems on B-47's in Lincoln, NE)