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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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Passing of Andy Zdebski

Greetings Shipmates, friends and Associates,

It is with a heavy heart that I advise you that we have lost VO-67 brother , Andy Zdebski . Andy passed away Friday evening from complications of cancer. Marilyn seems to be holding up well and has the support of much family around her. A memorial service for Andy will be held in May, exact date pending. I will post all of the particulars on this as I get them. I am sure Marilyn would like to hear from the VO-67 family but we should give her some time to rest up. She said that Andy wanted the wedding of their daughter, Kristie, to go on as planned.

Andy was a very special member of the VO-67 brotherhood and will be sorely missed. Andy served as a member of the VO-67 Association board and never failed to donate funds or time to every project the Association undertook. Andy, Marilyn and family donated the MR-7 model for presentation the USS Milius crew during our last reunion. He also donated many items to the VO-67 archives to be shared with his brothers.

Andy will not be forgotten by this brotherhood.

“Wings of Gold to Angel Wings”

Andrew G. Zdebski

Marilyn Zdebski and Family

7839 W. 8 mile Rd

Irons , MI 49644-9047

Bob Reynolds