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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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VO-67 2007 reunion

The VO-67 2007 was great, as all the past VO-67 reunions have been. A great bunch of people gathering (VO-67 members, family members, NKP FAC’s, and others who take an interest) in remembrance of the VO-67 Squadron and its mission. Thanks to those who organized this reunion. Also thanks to John Driver for taking the helm as new VO-67 Association President.

A special accolade to Gary Waldsmith and his better half, Sharon. They have a vineyard in California. They brought cases of wine from grapes they grew that was dedicated to the VO-67 reunion. The wine is “Norden Red” in honor of the Norden Bombsite and VO-67 being the squadron to use it. The labels on the wine bottles make them a souvenir to be cherished. Gary gave everyone who served in VO-67 a bottle, and auctioned off the rest. He pumped up the reunion fund and scholarship fund tremendously. The wine is great quality. Gary and Sharon were out a lot of time and expense doing this. My hats off to them.

Herb Ganner

Re: VO-67 2007 reunion

All I can say is that the people did not make it to this reunion really missed it.

With all the great stuff that was covered , especially the Wine Auction by Garry and Sharon. really missed it.

Welcome to our new Pres. John Driver, we can look forward to good items from him.

I have not missed a reunion and am looking forward to the next you if I am still able, my speech appears to getting worse and I will not force others to put up with me.