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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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That was interesting to read. I checked my log book to verify facts I now state. I remember being on alert to fly to Khe Sanh for two days before we dropped sensors. It seems that the weather turned bad at Khe Sanh after the Tet offensive started. Crew 1 got up before dawn to prepare to launch. The first day the weather was bad and all we did was standby the airplane all day. The crew stayed with the airplane all day on the ramp, in case the weather cleared, we were to take of immediately to drop sensors. I have pictures of our crew resting on the tarmac under the wing to be in the shade. The second day, May 21, 1968, we briefed before dawn, took off and went to Khe Sanh. The weather was bad and we could not make a drop, so we returned to NKP, and stayed at the airplane the rest of the day in case weather cleared. The third day, May 22, Crew 1 flew to Khe Sanh and dropped sensors. I think a couple of other crews dropped sensors that day also.

Herb Ganner

Crew 1, Bombadier, 3P