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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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Re: VO-67 Awarded the Presidential Unit Citation

Congratulations VO-67 on receiving the Presidential Unit Citation after all these years! As an ex Navy man I believe in giving credit where credit is due. I believe at this time proper credit should be given to the individuals whose hard work, unselfish dedication, and steadfast determination accomplished this unprecedented feat. The following individuals Kerry and Maxine Bignall with the advisement of CDR A.G. Alexander and the support of U.S. Congressman Bill Sali (R-ID) and his office were the main spearheads of this action for 5 long years. Special thanks go to Josh Callihan (USMC), congressional aide to Bill Sali. Without his belief and support this would not have been possible. Respectfully, R. Bignall (USN)

Re: Re: VO-67 Awarded the Presidential Unit Citation

Well put Big nalls JR. i myself am surprised at the lack of postings from the VO 67 Os /Es for such an outstanding event. This should be written up and placed in every Military and Historical Magazine available to further the History of VO 67. Navy TImes, Wings of Gold, Navy Historical, Tailhook, Approach, just to name a few.