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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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Re: January 11, 1968

I think three dates will always be steadfast in the minds of the VO-67. January 11, February 17 and 27 , the days we lost combat crews.


On that sheer green mountain, you’ve waited long, the vigil nears its end
You gave it all, your country called, no doubt you’d do it all again

Your grateful nation comes for you, it needs you back from whence you came
The mountain gives you up at last, all healing starts with pain

Strangers gather round your site, they come there seeking you
To bring you home, their honor bound, homecoming of Crew-2

We have told the story, of your deeds, so loyal and brave
How you faced the horrid hell of war, of the sacrifice you made

No longer will you endure the Monsoon rain, the wind and overcast
The missions done, the time is short, your on your way at last

It’s been so long, were sorry, we knew not what to do
To get you home your loved ones tried, their vigil it’s been true

Soon we will gather round and shed some tears for you
And far away that green mountain stands, then turns a Navy Blue

Dedicated to Crew-2 and their Families
VO-67 KIA / LAOS January 11,1968
Bob Reynolds © 3-19-2001