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PUC Ceremony

An Important Message From Alex !

It is very important that Congressman Sali, (ID) be given a number of
people who could be expected to arrive for a Ceremony to offically present the
Presidential Unit Citation to VO-67 . We understand that the actual
number cannot be known since we do not know the actual time and
location as of yet.

The Ceremony is expected to happen at the end of March or early April.
We know one item, it will be held in Washington DC. We do not know who
will the main person at the Ceremony. We do know that several
important Congressmen/ Ladies have said that they will be there. As this is Washington D. C. , who knows who else may show up. The
numbers are needed so that the Congressman will be able to have a
building location large enough to handle the group.

I have worked for two weeks attempting to get e-mail address so this
number will be close. I will also be calling people who are not on the
internet , snail mail is not possible.

I think that if the very important people are there, you could be
required to be able show a photo ID.

So please contact me at:

A.G. Alexander
CDR. USN. (Ret)