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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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VO-67 Interviews TV on U-Tube

VO-67 Channel 10 News Clip now on youtube. Key words: VO-67, ghost squadron.

Re: VO-67 Interviews TV on U-Tube

Wow - that sure brings back memories. I now live in Coeur d'Alene Id and just saw a article in our paper about VO-67 receiving Presidential honors. I had not thought about VO-67 for years. I was working at Alameda NAS during that time 40 years ago, and was involved in sending the base newspaper to your squadron while you were deployed. Also, we had made a flag (purple with gold lettering) saying VO-67 and sent it to LT. Michael Hughes for you all to wave if perhaps you were able to be at the Bob Hope Christmas Show. That way all of us at the Data Processing Department on base could see you all. I still have a picture of me holding up that flag after we finished sewing it. I remember when you came back from that mission. We were all so sorry at the loss of so many brave men. I am so happy that your squadron is finally being recognized for all that you did. Thank you each of everyone of the men from VO-67. Our country appreciates you.
Barbara Freyer Lovett