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Re: Khe Sanh Marine Reunion /Bignall

To all my fellow shipmates: I was recently invited to attend the USMC Khe Sanh Veterans reunion in Reno, NV. I had the honor of attending and spending time with this great group of warriors. Everyone that I met regarded me with the utmost respect and gratitude. Col Pipes took me under his wing and introduced me to several people in groups of a few to a group of dozens. I was greeted with standing ovations and hoorahs. They wished for me to thank all those in VO-67 who risked their lives to save the lives of so many Marines. Over the weekend that I was in Reno I was introduced to several other military dignitaries, including Col "Bulldog" Smith of MACV SOG. He was the director of special ops and thanked all of us for our contributions in Vietnam.

I had hoped that other members of VO-67 who were aware of the reunion would have been able to attend. Hopefully some of you will make it to future reunions. They are a great group of individuals.

Semper Fi to all my Marine comrades,
Kerry R Bignall