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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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Information request

Larold, can I get you, or one of the guys to tell me what your call sign was at NKP? Can't seem to find it in the notes or history.

Would also like permission to include a couple of your comments from "Wings of Gold" in a Nail FAC history I am working with...


Col Al Matheson
Nail 213

Re: Information request

Hi Al,

Sorry to inform you that Larry Gire, OPC Crew-3 , passed away September 1, 2007. That information is posted a few pages back on this message board. VO-67 crews used two call signs while at NKP. Most common was Lindy. Call sign Sophomore was also used but not as much as Lindy.

Welcome Home Al.

Bob Reynolds
VO-67 Association VP