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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven

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Observation Squadron Sixty Seven
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Passing of Ray Braley

With great sadness. Our shipmate Ray Braley passed away this week. Ray was an outstanding shipmate and brother and we shall miss him immensely. Ray was recently inducted into the Navy’s “Enlisted Combat Roll of Honor “aboard the USS Yorktown. Due to the series of strokes he was having he was unable to attend the official ceremony in Charleston, NC. A special presentation ceremony was conducted by the VA hospital staff and was presided over by CDR Doug Donohue, Crew-7 OPC.
Ray was great friends with many in the squadron. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ray’s wife, Beth. She and Ray were soul mates he often told me.
So Ray is now free of pain and suffering and we know that he fly’s again in Gods squadron with VO-67.

“ Wings of Gold to Angel Wings”
God Speed Ray

Bob R.