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M22 buy or not to buy - forum kickstart


Im about to buy '38 M22 project. Lot of those pre war small (and expensive) details are present but crank cases and barrel are missing. Other engine internals are in boxes and rather good condition. I would like to know what price would be fair to pay. It is located close to me so there is no any shipping costs. Owner waits my offer actually. Sorry I don't have photos.


Re: M22 buy or not to buy

here it is:
 photo IMG_3998-3_zps71383b96.jpg

Re: M22 buy or not to buy

Many of the post war B33 parts are similar, and much easer to find.

Re: M22 buy or not to buy

I have found most of missing parts, now it waits to have completed and refurbished.

Re: M22 buy or not to buy

Good Luck