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1931 B31 information needed

I have the opportunity to get a 1931 2.49 H.P. B31-3 OHV DE LUXE. It appears to be mostly original. I would like to do at least a partical restoration since much of the bike paint was hand brushed. I am looking for at least a good photo example of a original B31.
It appears that the rims are original (currently) painted black.
There are some of the details that I would like to determine.
1. Was the rims originally chrome plated?
2. Was the center of the rims painted green? If so was there also accent gold pin stripes on the rims?
3. If the rims were painted black, was the wheel spokes painted or plated?
4.This bike has the gas tank side panels painted green. 1931 B31-3 gas tank appears to have been painted green on the top. Did the green painted panel have a gold accent pin stripe? I can’t find a good photo showing a painted gas tank top panel.
5. Is there a paint code available for this 1931 green?

Any help I can get to get a good photo of an original bike would be much appreciated.