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Re: Paul Lloyd Milius

Hi Garry,

I have sent e-mails to several family members of Paul Milius informing them of your post on the VO-67 web site. We do not give out our Squadron members or family members e-maill address's as a matter of policy. Perhaps you would like to attend this summers VO-67 reunion in Sandy Eggo. All interested persons of VO-67 history are welcome. The USS Milius will be in port and we will be visiting the ship as part of our reunion activities. The ship is outstanding. We will be presenting the ship a scale model of Paul's Aircraft, MR-7. Several of the Milius crew will also be attending our banquet. Reunion information can be found on the VO-67 web site under reunions( 2005). Several of our shipmates are also members of the TLC including myself.

Bob Reynolds
VO-67 Association President

Re: Paul Lloyd Milius

I too have Capt. Milius' POW bracelet and have been wearing since aprx 1990 after a visit to the Vietnam War Memorial where I made a donation and received the bracelet. I actually wore out the first bracelet I had and upon a return trip to DC purchased another which I wear to this day.

While I did not know Captian Milius personally, I have become rather attached to him and will wear his bracelet in his honor for his dedication and service to this great country. I have researched him and found his story to be very inspirational as his dedication, service, and heroism are evident. I teach American history at the Boulder Creek High School and i am often asked what my bracelet symbolizes and why I wear it. I honor Captain Milius and tell his story each and every time. This happens out of school often as well. Please pass my regards and sympathies to his family, but also let them know that I will steadfastly tell his story each and every time I am asked about the silver bracelet bearing his name on my wrist. He and his service will never be forgotten.


Chris Pondy