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The NAGNFC Gary Numan Forum For the 21st Century
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Re: The Machman "will be done in" (Part 4)

P.S. And still it continues. Chris L claims to be a friend of Michael L-T and told me to back off. When I asked what I did to his friend aside from directing him to a site to be better informed, Chris actually accused me of copy-and-pasting the conversation with Michael L-T and I on various occasions. I told him that was incorrect. That I actually deleted the original thread after Caz told me how ill he was. And added if I wanted the thread to be seen, I would put it on my site for 500 readers a day to enjoy. When asked, Chris couldn't even produce a copy of the conversation, despite my request for a copy since he claims I've copy-and-pasted it on various occasions. No one has it. I deleted it. But instead of apologizing for doing the opposite of what he accused me of (by deleting the original thread so no one sees it), he has fallen silent. Even when I asked Chris how I was rude to his friend in the first place. He couldn't tell me that either. This is a prime example of what I am dealing with. Feel free to block Chris. Either he is a troublemaker or has bad info. Either way, he has fallen silent when pressed to back up his accusations. Block away! Adding the Part 4 of this episode to my NAGNFC Forum post now so my readers know what I am dealing with.