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Funny Heart Validation

Ok, so this one is kind of funny to me. Last night I attended your session because my friend had an extra ticket (her mom chickened out). I really had no idea where or what I was going to experience until I got there and had a "few" minutes to ask my friend what we were doing.
You were a little fragmented around me, perhaps because of my relationship with my dad before he died. There was lots of verbal and physical abuse in my family as a child. Fortunatley for me, we were able to come to peace before he passed and I am totally ok with it. We had the time... and the words before he passed.

So, last night I picked the word "Hearts".

The night before this session I hosted a surprise birthday party for a friend, I was running short on time so I recycled a bunch of party decorations from the spare bedroom. In almost each arrangement were hearts, lots and lots of them and for some reason when I was putting them out the hearts stood out. ok, no big deal, it was done the night before and just a coincidence (right?). I haven't had time to take the decorations down yet so the hearts are still everywhere in my house and that's what I came home to after your session.

So this morning, I am running late for work. I had just finished my laundry and all my drawers were filled with clean clothes, I had lots to choose from. I reached in and grabbed a pair of socks. COVERED with hearts. I smiled, coincidence? I had about 15 pairs of socks to choose from but picked the one that is covered with hearts.
Next I started to put on my pants and looked down at my under ware... the pattern is a million little hearts! Again, because my drawers were full with clean clothes, I had maybe 15 to choose from. I just grabbed those ones without looking, then noticed all the hearts on my body. You said it is their way of telling me that they love me... apparently a lot! So thank you,

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