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Butterfly validation for me

On Oct 14th I went to Karens class and was told that butterflies would validate my father coming thru and it did when they came to my kids(wrote about it on previous butterfly validation topic) but what happened one day after that was that as I was standing outside at my work speaking to some customers,and the same color and shape of butterfly landed on my hand(I was holding a package, my hand was up) right in front of these two customers and they were so surprised to see this they kept saying, it's good luck, but I knew it was my dad. The butterfly stayed on my hand the whole time we were talking and didn't fly away until I said I had to go, and so did the butterfly, so for those who still don't believe, just open your eyes you'll be surprised what is shone to you. Thanks again Karen, as always, God Bless. Sam.

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